Safen’Fit Waist Trimmer with Wrist Support Strap, Flexible Neoprene Construction, Secure Velcro Fastening, Large Pocket Design, For Waists Up to 42 Inches

WAIST TRIMMER: forget cheap waist trimmers that don’t work, our premium Waist Trimmer is manufactured from comfortable neoprene to provide unbeatable support during the toughest workouts while stimulating fat loss from the waist!

BOOST FAT LOSS: our premium Waist Trimmer concentrates heat around the waist to create a “sauna effect” stimulating fat loss and calorie burn during your everyday workout!

FLEXIBLE CONSTRUCTION: manufactured from comfortable, flexible, easy clean neoprene to fit waists up to 42 inches, and can be worn under or over clothes while working out or during everyday activities!

LARGE POCKET: designed with a super convenient large pocket, perfect for securely storing keys, cash, cards or large smart phones while you work out!

INCLUDES FREE WRIST STRAP: get the most out of every workout, every Waist Trimmer includes a professional wrist support strap offering 4 direction support and protection! Money back guarantee! Click the Orange Button to order now!


Do you love working out, and would like extra support and increased fat loss?

Rather than cheap waist trimmers that restrict movement, would you like a flexible, comfortable professional waist trimmer?

If so, Safen’ Fit’s Waist Trimmer is the perfect choice! Manufactured from super comfortable, flexible neoprene and designed for waists up to 42 inches, our Waist Trimmer concentrates heat around the mid section during exercise to maximise accelerate fat loss with a “sauna like effect” while providing flexible support during the toughest workouts!

Whereas others on the market slip and slide, our Waist Trimmer use secure, comfortable Velcro fastenings and is designed with a large front pocket, perfect for storing cards, keys and other large items while you exercise!

Our Waist Trimmer is a premium product, with a number of key benefits:

– Flexible, comfortable neoprene construction provides support during a wide range of exercises.

– Tough, durable Velcro fastening won’t slip and slide during tough workouts.

– Large front pocket allows you to safely store large items.

– Sauna effect accelerates fat loss from the waist.

– Also includes a professional Wrist Support Strap and money back guarantee.

If you’re tired of cheap waist trimmers that slip and slide during use, and would like a premium quality Waist Trimmer with durable Velcro fastening and flexible neoprene construction for maximum fat loss, our Waist Trimmer is the perfect choice!


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Please do not wear if you have an open wounds or if you’re susceptible to dermatitis or allergic to Neoprene. Do not wear while sleeping or eating. Clean it by hand in cold water, hang dry. Waist Trimmer should only be worn during exercise for no more than 2-3 hrs at a time.
Money Back or Replacement Guarantee